Thursday, August 25, 2011

Finally some after pics...

Finally got around to uploading some "after" pics of the house.

Griffen's Room: Probably my most favorite room of the house. Love the colors, the fabrics, everything. Still happy with it 20 months later :-). I'm so glad we went ahead and bought bedding for a "big boy bed" for once he transitions to it. For right now, it's serving as his changing table since he got too big for his real one....Yes, I know there is nothing above his crib! If you have a 20 month old boy you know why...he will pull it down. Hey, it's what works for now even though the decorator in me wants to put something there.

Living Room: Was excited to get a great deal on this red couch from a friend (no it's not hyper color red like it appears in the pic, just a true red). Still have to decide on curtains. Just not sure what I'm wanting. There are two windows behind the black checked chair. We went ahead and stacked the coffee table and entertainment center again. We really just wanted more floor space to read, wrestle, etc. Also notice nothing on the side tables, once again 20 month old.....Still on the to do list is curtains, new lamp shade (have a few ideas pinned on pinterest), and cord covers for the lamps.

This is to the right of Scott's recliner. The entry leads into our bedroom.

Entryway: This is as you come in the front door. Loving  having this bench in the entry. It was an old church bench my mom has had for years. It's directly across from the playroom so it really adds more seating to sit and watch the kids play. Still to do is cord covers for the lamp, shelf above the bench (want to display family pics, etc...gonna look at Canton next month), more pillows for the bench, and eventually paint.

Guest Bathroom: Enjoyed painting the guest bath a fun apple green. I wanted something that would transition well to a kid-friendly bathroom one day. Right now it's my Paris decor. Love the black and cream against the green.

Loving being able to "feather our nest." I feel very blessed everytime I walk around the house knowing that it was truly a blessing from God. Very thankful!...Just hung the curtains in the breakfast room tonight so I'll post more pics soon.

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  1. Everything looks great!! Exactly what I would expect from you! And I totally love following you on pinterest! You have such an eye for the best ideas. You certainly inspire us all! And I love that black and white table in your foyer. I remember it from your first apartment. I loved it then and love it now! Post more pics when you get your curtains done!