Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Big News!

We are so excited to announce that Griffen will be a big brother in May. As you can tell from the picture, he is excited too!

It was so fun to surprise Scott this time with the news. I had ordered a "big brother" shirt for Griffen a month or so ago in hopes that he would need it this fall (if we became pregnant). I had gotten home from my parent's house that morning and had forgotten to stop by the store to get a pregnancy test. By that afternoon, I was stomping at the bits to know before Scott got home. I threw Griffen in the car and rushed to the store to get a test.

Funny side note about buying the test...I searched the pharmacy for the test, with Griffen on my hip, for what seemed like 10 minutes. I couldn't find them anywhere! Finally, I sucked up my pride and asked the pharmacist. Before she answered she blatantly looked at my sweet baby on my hip (I'm sure thinking, "you're a nut if you're already pregnant again") and then directed me to the right aisle.

I rushed home to take the test not really even sure of the outcome. After a few minutes, there was definitely 2 lines. I proceeded to put the big brother shirt on Griffen and make a quick video of the moment. I'll post this later. After what seemed like forever, when in reality it was probably only 30 minutes, I see Scott come around the corner of our apartment through the window...I rush to put Griffen in his crib and turn on his mobile. All the while telling myself to breathe! Scott walks in the door and I give him a kiss and he immediately asks where Griffen is. I told him he's hanging out in his crib and to go get him. I followed Scott into the nursery with the video camera just as he was about to pick up Griffen but stops short. He looks at me with a look of shock and tears in his eyes. It was priceless! So glad I was able to surprise him with this exciting news!!

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