Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Our Little Crawler

Our little man turns nine months old today. Boy time sure has flown by! He officially started crawling yesterday. He had been trying for quite some time. He would crawl 2-3 times and then fall on his tummy and then roll wherever he wanted. This weekend Scott put our coffee table under our entertainment center (yes, it sounds odd but it really isn't as bad and tacky as it sounds), that must have been all the motivation Griffen needed because he now realizes he has the whole living room to crawl and he loves it! He has been from one of the living room to the other end of the dining room (the perk of having an apartment, less space to get in trouble in).

Just an update: he loves to clap! All you have to say is "yeah, Griffen" and he starts to clap and say what I think sounds like "yeah!" Too cute. He weighs around 23ish pounds. He is growing like weed it seems. He still wears 9 month clothes but I'm sure that will change in about a week or two. He has just started cutting tooth number 5. Bless his heart because as soon as a tooth comes through, a cold and earache as sure to follow soon. So sad! He still takes a bottle 4 times a day and then eats veggies/fruit 3 times a day. He is a great eater, though he's just now getting to that stage where he's wanting to feed himself more and more so I'm having to get creative on finger foods. He thrives on his naps. Bless his heart he's not a happy boy when he's overtired. Thankfully he naps really well, when he's not sick that is. :-) He loves being around other kids whether babies or older kids. They always make him smile. He's such a joy and a blessing to us everday! So fun to see him learning and discovering new things everyday.

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  1. I just added your blog to my blogroll--I kept forgetting to do it, and then forgetting that you were updating your blog! I'm so glad G is crawling--it'll be a different ball game now. Shepherd has crawled a few "steps" each day, but I don't think he realizes that it will get him anywhere he wants to go yet.