Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Lately I've been on a crafty kick. So far, I've painted Griffen's bookshelf (it was from my classroom so it had lots of little kindergarten "love" marks on it), finished mother's day gifts and just finished painting Griffen's table (another classroom item). I thought I'd post the before and after pics of the table. I'm still not sure yet how I want to finish the bookshelf, so I'll save those pics for later.....For those wondering minds, no I didn't steal the stuff from my classroom. These were things that I had bought for my classroom so I was able to take them when I left.
Here is the table before. Pretty basic with just a clear varnish on it. I painted it the chocolate brown that is on Griffen's wall.

I used cardstock to cut out the alphabet using my cricut. A friend told me she uses contat paper to cut stencils, but I wasn't that brave. Then I just used the letters like stencils and painted them in. I chose the avocado green that we used in the nursery to paint the letters.

Next, I did the same thing with the numbers and it was finished....I still want to distress it a bit and varnish it. I was very pleased with how it turned out....I have 2 chairs that go with the table but I probably won't redo those till the fall when we are in a house.

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