Monday, March 28, 2011

Playing Catch Up...Griffen 15 Month Update

Griffen turned 15 months on March 14. Seems like just yesterday he was toddling around trying to forward a bit and he's pretty much running everywhere he goes. I love the stage that he is in. Everyday is a new adventure and new thing to discover. It is so fun to watch the little wheels in his head turn as he tries something new. So very thankful for this little man who is such a ball of energy but still takes time to run up and give you a kiss. Melts a mother's heart!

15 month stats:
-23 pounds 8 ounces (not sure how accurate this is, he wouldn't sit still on the scale!)
-32 inches tall
-10 teeth, working on his bottom molars right now, which will make 12 teeth
-sleeps pretty much from 8pm to 8am
-sleeps in his sleep sack (not sure when we'll give this up. He loves it!)
-2 naps a day, about an hour and a half each
-size 4 diapers
-wears 12 month clothes but they are all long sleeved so we moved to 18 month short sleeve
-great eater, will each pretty much any fruit you give him. Green veggies are a struggle at times.
-very active!
-loves books
-new word this month is Whoa! Too cute!
-doing much better than last month at following directions and "No Hands."
-wants to be outside 24/7
-loves to kick the ball around or play catch
-doing better at the church nursery! Thank you Lord!
-loves having play dates
-enjoys bathtime

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