Saturday, April 23, 2011

All Boy, All the Time!

Griffen is truly all boy, all the time! His little personality is becoming bigger and bigger everyday. It is so fun to see him discover new things daily. I'm trying to soak up everything lately with him but I had to write them down so I won't forget.

-G tooted and then turned around and said "What's that?" Really??!! I was dying laughing.
-G can't go on a walk without having at least 1 stick in each hand.
-G goes "exploring" every afternoon with Scott. I don't ask what all happens during their man time. :-)
-G loves to kick, jump, and throw.
-G has decided that he LOVES his baseball cap. He wants to wear it all the time.
-G loves going to the park. He loves trying to imitate whatever the bigger kids are doing.
-G is on the move 24/7.
-G never stops babbling to himself.
-G has said bubbles, yellow, stick in the last few days. Not sure why he wants to say the big words first?!
-G loves to throw George, his monkey into his crib after naps and say bye, bye.
-G walks by the golf course that we live by and has to make a swinging motion with his arm and a noise if he sees a golfer hit the ball.
-G is mesmerized by golf carts. Couldn't be because we live by a golf course, could it?
-G has a noise for everything. It's too funny.

G at his first petting zoo...First he went for the duck's tub of water and then the goats food bowl...then he discovered there were animals there too.

 Who needs a pillow when you have a bumper pad?

Helping daddy play the guitar

Camping for the first time...I love his safari hat!

Practicing for the Easter egg hunt

Jumping in a bounce house for the first time! He loved it!

CityView church Easter Egg Hunt

Good thing we practiced...he knew just what to do!

With his girlfriend, Sophia!

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  1. Awww Sophia is a looker! You should be proud ;)! My boyfriend hopes to have 5 sons someday, but until we can afford it i'll just be blogging about staying afloat while in college! Congrats to a beautiful family!