Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Home Inspiration

So with the dream of us getting a house just around the corner....I have been on the search for some decorating inspiration. The living room, kitchen, and breakfast room are the main areas that will see change from our current style. Just ready to make a few key changes that will make a bigger impact. I've told Scott it will be like Christmas once we finally get in a house since we still have some wedding gifts that are never used and still in the boxes. I'm really looking forward to laying out all the many decor things we have and changing things around and making everything new and fresh. Here are a few ideas I've come up with so far....(know that they may completely change by the time we make it into a house :-)

We will be slipcovering our couch with a cream fabric that has some texture on it. I'm wanting the couch and curtains to be solid and neutral so that it's easier to change the pillows for a quick update down the road.

Cutting Corners---Dazar Red---Pillows on Couch, Breakfast Room Valances
I'm loving this fabric! It is just so cheery. It is completely different than what we have but still in the same color scheme. Loving the red background.

Cutting Corners---Burlap Natural---Curtains in Living Room
I'm really looking forward to using burlap in the room. I've been seeing it everywhere in lots of designs so I'm excited to jump on the bandwagon. I'm also wanting to use it as accent pillows on the couch (maybe with a painted S on the pillow?)

Ballard Designs---Laney Indoor/Outdoor Rug (in black though)---Living Room Rug
I love the design on this rug (or something similar). With the other black accents in the room, I think it would go well but still be neutral enough.

Ballards Designs---Bee Pillow
I like this pillow just for the fun of it. Thought it would bring in more of the black and even the golds that I like.

Ballard Designs---LeMans Counter Stools---for the breakfast bar
I'm so looking forward to having a breakfast bar at a house. Can't wait for Griffen to be sitting there coloring as I cook. Fun to dream isn't it?!

Pottery Barn---Burlap Shade Pendant Light---Over Breakfast Bar
Once again, loving the burlap. I think these would be easy to duplicate. I'd want to look for inexpensive lighting and then redo the shades with leftover fabric from the curtains.

Pottery Barn---Aris Pedastal Dining Table
I like the look of the cream table and black chairs. Easy to duplicate with the table/chairs we already have.

No I won't be getting all of this any time soon but it's fun to dream and get inspiration. I like the look of all of these things so I'm excited to see how I can take this inspiration and make it my own for our home. I'm looking forward to the challenge of seeing how I can use what we already have and making the look the same as some of these things. I'll keep you updated with before and after pics!

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