Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Party Time!

Griffen's birthday party was so much fun. From the start to finish of planning, I enjoyed every minute. Let me rephrase that before Scott knocks me upside the head, I enjoyed every part of planning other than the piles everywhere of the things I'd made! :-)

The theme for the party was "G is for Griffen." The teacher in me definitely came out in so many of the details. Scott came up with a poem for the invitations that created the scene for the party.

Griffen, gumballs and gummy bears too,
Are part of the party waiting for you.

The letter "G" is the theme for our scene,
With friends and family all wearing green.

So don't miss out on the fun...
Come help us celebrate
Griffen turning one!
We had the party at Scott's parents' neighborhood clubhouse. So nice to have a blank slate to decorate and run around in and know the kids wouldn't break anything! :-)
I hung his monthly pics with his teddy bear above the cupcake table...It was so amazing to see how he grew. You could really tell a difference starting around 6 months.---Mom made the cupcakes! They were so yummy.
All smiles before I try to feed him his cupcake!
Sweet birthday boy about to eat his cupcake....After 2 tries with sugary cakes, I've realized that this sweet child doesn't like sweet stuff yet. Oh well. Can't really complain! He just spits it right out. :-)

These are all of Griffen's little friends. They range from 16 months to 9 months. So fun to have such sweet friends with such sweet little ones surrounding us all at the same stage of life.
Precious and Papa with the Birthday Boy.
Grammy and Grampie with the Birthday Boy.
Griffen's Great Grandmother-Grannie- So fun to have her living close now.

Happy birthday little man!

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