Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thanksgiving Break Adventures

Thanksgiving break was such a blast this year. Scott and I had come up with several things we really wanted to take Griffen to do over break and somehow we were able to get them all done.

1. Go see Santa- The week began with a visit to Southlake to see Santa. (I'll have to post that pic later). Griffen did well. As you can tell from the picture we got, he wasn't really sure what to think. He just looks real surprised in the picture.

2. Take pictures in the Fort Worth Stockyards- One beautifully warm afternoon, we went to the Fort Worth Stockyards in hopes of getting some good pics of Griffen. (Like that's hard to do :-)) It was such a fun and relaxing afternoon checking out all the stores and seeing what amateur photographers we could be. We looked like such the tourists with our big camera around our neck taking a ton of pictures. Definitely something that we will do again as Griffen gets older.

3. Go to Bass Pro Shops- Another fun adventure was when we went to Bass Pro Shop to see the animals. Griffen's eyes didn't seem to blink the whole time we were there because there was so much to look at. We were so excited when we walked in and found a free carousel. Griffen loved his first ride on a carousel. We looked at the fish, all the animals and people watched. Such a fun time and free too!

4. Go Camping- a Thanksgiving tradition....more to come on that later :-)

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