Thursday, February 17, 2011

Dear Griffen...

One month ago today, your baby sister Lila Elizabeth was born. You never got to know her,  meet her or see her but I know you would have loved her. I know you would have been the best of friends. You would have been 13 months older than her. Yes, I know you would have had the usual sibling arguments but I know you would have been the best big brother to her. I know that you would have protected her and loved her with your whole heart. I know that she would have loved you! I'm sorry that you won't have that opportunity to be those things to her.

I want you to know though that we told her about you when we would visit her at the hospital. She was very sick so we couldn't bring her home to meet you or take you to meet her. We told her how you loved to play with your puppets and chase Gucci around the house. We told her how you love to give wet, slobbery kisses. Daddy and I told her that we pray for all of us when we put you to bed at night. We even hung a picture of our family in her incubator so that she could have us all close by.

Lila lived for 16 days and then went to be with the Lord. She fought those 16 days but her lungs were just too weak.

I want you to know that Lila touched so many lives. Many people were praying for her all across the world. All for your baby sister and our family, even you. People that hadn't prayed for years were praying for us. That's the miracle of Lila's life. Even though she didn't know, she was affecting lives and helping people turn to Christ. That's what I want you to always remember about your sweet baby sister....she pointed people to Christ. That is one of our prayers for you, that you will grow to know and walk in the love of Christ. That you will lead others to Christ through the life you live and by showing others your heart for Him.

Your dad and I love you so much! Everyday, while Lila and I were in the hospital, your daddy would make sure to be home to put you to bed every night. We loved going to visit Lila but we loved being able to come home to you too. You were 13 months old when she was born so you were very active!! You love being cuddled and read to but you love wresting on the floor too. We loved coming in the door to hear your happy squeal and big smile greeting us everyday. You didn't even know but you were and are such a bright spot in our day.

I just wanted you to know that on January 17th, 2011, you became a big brother to Lila Elizabeth. Even though you'll never know her, I wanted you to know her story and the miracles that God worked through her life.

I love you sweet boy!


  1. sweet friend, i love reading your heart here. we love you, scott, griffen and lila.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing your love and thoughts. Add me to one of the thousands that Lila and your family have returned to our Lord.