Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Lila's Celebration of Life

Here are some of the beautiful pictures that a dear church friend, Cassie Rainey, took of Lila's Celebration of Life on February 5th.

This is the painting that a friend, Bethany, had done for Lila's nursery, something we will hold dear forever.
 Some of the few but precious things we have of our sweet girl. 
 These are the verses that the sweet girls from church made for Lila. Several of them were posted on her isolet. We prayed each of them over her each time we visited her. Her nurse told me at the service that as Lila was taking her last breaths, she prayed the verses over her because she knew how much they meant
to us.

 My sweet husband speaking at the service. His strength and love amaze me everyday. The way he has led our family through so much is a testimony to his love for Christ!

 I love this picture as everyone looks up and at the cross! That's what I want everyone to remember of Lila's life...that it pointed to Christ and the cross.

The day was truly a celebration of Lila's life. A celebration that God is good. A celebration that God can work miracles through so many people's lives through the life of our little girl. A celebration that even through the hardest times we want God to have the glory....Because of Him, we were able to have 16 precious days with our sweet Lila that we will treasure forever because they changed our lives for the better. God is good!


  1. Beautifully composed, Rebecca. The last part reminds me of "For Good" from Wicked - her little life was like a "handprint on our hearts"! OK, so I looked up those lyrics, and how precious they are looking at it from a "Lila" perspective. I know it's a secular song, but how sacred can those words be turned!!
    (yes, I can pretty much turn anything into a musical...heehee!)
    I love the one of you looking up at Scott! Super sweet!
    Thanks so much for continuing to share her with us - and for sharing what God has given you to say!!

  2. Rebecca- I just have to tell you that I praise Jesus for what a testimony you and your sweet family has been for HIM in the midst of one of the hardest things I think anyone can ever experience. No doubt you guys have given HIM all GLORY and for that I certainly commend you.
    Lila has touched many lives and I know she will never be forgotten. Continuing to pray for you, sweet friend!

  3. So beautiful! Both of your faith in HIM shines so brightly! I will continue to pray for all of you!

  4. The vision I love is when Griffen let his balloon go after all the others were out of sight. Seeing his balloon go up was just like he was sending a message of love to Lila from her big brother. It was a sweet moment and wished I had a camera so I could have captured it for you. Love you guys and I'm praying for you daily!!!

  5. Your uplifting and positive attitude are an inspiration, Rebecca. The Lord's peace is truly present... what a blessing.
    Heidi Schneider Yates