Monday, January 10, 2011

Breckenridge Family Vacation--Part 2

Our first few days in CO were filled with lots of hanging out, playing games, exploring and good food (thanks to Mom). There were a few feet of snow on the ground while we were there which made for interesting outings for this pregnant woman, a mom with a bad knee, 2 paranoid men and 1 baby in a stroller. We were definitely a sight, but that didn't stop us from getting out in the 30 degree or less temps.

We were so excited to have Griffen start walking the week before Christmas. I was so glad about this timing because Scott was off work and really got to see the progress that Griffen made daily.--Griffen loved exploring the condo and seeing what he could get into.
 Dad, Scott and I before we went exploring our first day. Nothing like having a man walk on each side of me making sure I don't fall! I love these men!---Dad and I had both been to Breck before so it was fun to show Scott around a bit and see what new things we could discover.
 Scott hanging out in his long johns! Not even going to comment on this one! :-)
 Scott and Dad insisted that Griffen have a sled while on our trip so we had to give it a few test runs inside before we ventured outside.
 Not sure if it was the clear, mountain air or a growth spurt, but Griffen seemed to eat, eat and then eat some more while were on our trip. He even discovered he loves ranch dressing, just like his momma!
 Another great thing about our trip is just some down time and change of scenery. Griffen certainly enjoyed every minute of it. He learned that if he pulled a book out, he had 4 people eager to have him cuddle up in their lap and read to him.
One day we made it outside to try the new sled. It was an experience in the almost below 0 weather as it was snowing. Griffen enjoyed it for about 10 minutes. That's about all the sledding fun he could tolerate.

Breckenridge is such a neat town with great shopping on Main Street. We ventured out several times all bundled up to check out the shops.

Several years ago Breck added a closed-in gondola that you can ride to the top of the mountain. We had to check it out. Griffen's mouth never closed the whole way up as he looked out of the glass at the beatiful views on the way up. So fun to see his reaction to new, different experiences.

If you've ever been to Breck, you've been to Crepes a la Cart. If you haven't you're missing out! Scott and I split a strawberry shortcake crepe. So stinking good!
Date night fun!

Just a few pics to share of our great trip! More to come of dad and Scott's outdoor adventures.

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