Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Breckenridge Family Vacation---Part 3

Scott and Dad were all about getting as much adventure and outdoor time as possible on this trip. Between snowshoeing, tubing, and dog sledding, I think they accomplished their goal! Here's a few pics of their adventures:

On my birthday, the boys decided to celebrate by heading out to Copper Mountain Resort to go tubing and snowshoeing! :-) Here's there before picture
 Let the fun begin!
 Here's the different hills they went tubing down. Scott's going to post some videos of them in action.
 Great day for snowshoeing, such beautiful weather! Scott was able to push his ski pole all the way down and it was completely covered by snow, so probably about 4 feet. Crazy!

 The after shot....they look a little worn out! Don't they?
Another day, Scott made the adventure to go dogsledding. From the stories he tells, I think it surpassed his wildest dreams. He was able to not only ride on the dog sled, he was able to drive the dogsled and mush the dogs. It was so fun hearing the excitement in his voice as he told of the day. As you can tell, it was one of the snowiest days we had in Breck. So much fun!

Like I told Dad and Scott, I hope they enjoyed their adventures because once we go back (if I'm not pregnant again) I'll definitely be right along side them as they repeat these adventures!

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  1. FUN! I love snow tubing!!! And I would have gone snow mobiling and dog sledding last time we were there if I hadn't torn my ACL on the slopes! Hope you get to join in another time.