Monday, January 24, 2011

Lila Elizabeth---Day 7

Day 7----Even to type this brings such a range of emotions. Seven days ago I didn't know even if Lila would live to see her one day birthday. Now she's seven days old. God is so good! These seven days have brought so many emotions that  I can't even comprehend all of them, all I know is God has brought us this far and I celebrate that today.

Seven days in we have seen prayers answered daily. Lila's blood pressure has normalled out, her blood gas levels are no longer an issue at this time, her insulin levels are where they should be. Her doctors have been so good to remind us each day "none of what is happening with Lila surprises us. This is to be expected with a 25 week old." I ask them to remind me of that as often as possible. We continue to pray that this remains the case. As of today, she continues to have 2 brain bleeds that we pray will be gone on today's scans. Doctors say with the trauma of the birth, transport and being born this early that the bleeds are to be expected. We just pray that they have gone.---Seven days in we now know that it was an infection in my placenta that caused the pre-term labor. This is a relief knowing there is nothing that I could have done to prevent this or know of this. It  just happened.

So many people keep saying how strong they say I'm being. Please know that it's not my strength but God's and God's alone! God's strength helped me to remain calm in the ambulance, relaxed me so the dr. could give me a spinal block before surgery, held me up when I saw my baby being taken away to another hospital 20 minutes away. God's strength helped me to focus on my recovery as I waited in the hospital for 3 days before being released. God's strength walked beside me as I walked into the NICU for the first time to see Lila, when all I wanted to do was run away in fear. God's strength melted my heart for my baby girl as I looked at her the first time when all I had worried about was would I feel a connection to her when I hadn't even met my 4 day old baby yet. These are just a few instances that God's strength have been evident this week to me. Please know it's not me.

For those friends that are pregnant themselves...please don't let Satan let my situation bring fear into your hearts about your own pregnancy. Pray against it! Know that I'm praying the same thing for you. God has a special plan for each and every one of you and your babies. I pray it's not the same road I'm walking down, but know that if it is, God will carry you through just like he's carrying me. Let peace reign in your hearts knowing that God is continuing to knit your babies together in your wombs, celebrate that each day. I'm praying for each of you!

Today brings many new obstacles but I know that God is in each one and has overcome each one. I'm praying with confidence that Lila's brain bleeds are gone. I'm praying that we find favor with social security today as Scott meets with them about everything. I'm praying that my recovery continues to go well and smooth, free from infection.

Thank you for your prayers and walking this road beside us!

Jeremiah 32:17---Ah, Sovereign Lord, you have made the heavens and the earth by your great power and outstretched arm. Nothing is too hard for you.


  1. Continuing to pray for you guys and sweet Lila!

  2. You are walking through this with such graciousness--I know it is from the Lord. You are so quick to give him glory--He is honored through your life and Lila's. You are a wonderful mom. I'm just thinking about you all the time and praying for you each time you come to my mind.

  3. Beautiful, sweet friend! Indeed God's strength Is sufficient for all of our needs! Thanks for your vulnerability and allowing us to walk this beside you!

  4. Rebecca, your sweet words brought me close to tears! I'm continuing to pray for your precious baby girl. I have always loved the name Lila and even considered using that name for one of our kids one day. Your Lila is such a fighter, and I just know God is watching over her and protecting her through this whole ordeal.

  5. Jenny and I are so impressed with how you and Scott are handling this. We know you so well that we CERTAINLY attest that it is God's presence with you that is sustaining you. I wish we were there with you to hug you, laugh with you, and be completely irreverent with you. Say the word and we're on our way...and we'll break away for some Sin in a Bowl.

  6. Rebecca,

    I know it has been many years since I have seen you but just recently saw your struggle through face book. I read through your blog and was brought to tears. I am praying for Lila and your family but I want to also thank you. You are a pillar of faith and strenth. God is working and being glorifed through you so I will stand beside you lifting up prayers for your sweet baby girl. I pray my faith will one day be as yours! God bless you my sister!

    Jennifer (Waters) Shelton

  7. What an amazing God we have that he can take such a challenge and turn it in to praise. We heard a sermon at our church on Sunday about worshiping through trials. You all are doing this and acting so obediently. We are praying for Lila as is our church small group.
    Ginny Williams

  8. Rebecca, I think every parent prays that their children will have a testimony of God working in their life. What a testimony Lila already has! I am praying for you, your sweet girl, and Scott and Griffin constantly. I know you guys are so proud of Lila, and will continue to lift you guys up in prayer.