Thursday, January 27, 2011

Day 10---Pump, Pray and Play

Day 10 for our sweet Lila has turned out to be an uneventful day. Just like we like it! Her stats remained relatively normal all day long which is such a blessing. We are praying that this continues because this will help her lungs to continue to develop without being stressed every few minutes. She did have her umbilical line removed today. This was the way they monitored her blood pressure constantly. It's a blessing that she no longer needs this at this time because she is off blood pressure medicine and they will only have to check her bp once a shift.

Like the title job right now (as I've been told by my mom's friend) is to pump and pray. I added play to the mix too. Amazingly 6 hours after having Lila, I began to pump to begin to store milk for her. It's still crazy to me how God created a woman's body to work and produce milk even in my case, 15 weeks early. So that is my job right now, to pump every 3 hours to get as much milk stored for our sweet girl so that as she grows she'll be able to have my milk.

As I pump, I pray. I pray for my sweet husband who is carrying the weight of our family on our shoulders. I pray and thank God everytime I think of the blessing that Scott is to my life. I pray that as he returns to work that amidst the craziness, he will be able to focus on the job at hand (whether at work, home or the hospital).-- I pray for sweet Griffen who is changing everday before my eyes. I pray that God protects his heart through all of this. I pray that when we are with him we are able to love him like none other. I pray that he continues to grow being surrounded by loving family and friends.-- I pray for our Lila, that she will know the love of Christ. That she will be held in God's loving hands and that he will continue to work miracles through her little body and through her testimony.-- I pray for our sweet friends and family that are lifting us up daily through this journey. I pray that they will see all the glory being given to God. I pray that they will know that only by God's grace and their prayers are we able to get up every morning and walk this road.-- I pray for the doctors and nurses caring for Lila.  I pray that God guides their hand as they treat our little angel. I pray that they see Christ in us and our actions as we interact with them.

At the end of the day, I come home to play. Play with our ltitle man who is doing amazingly well through all of the events of the last 10 days. It has truly been a God thing that Griffen has adjusted so well. He is so sweet even when I'm not able to pick him up, which breaks my heart. It's like he knows that he has to be gentle with mommy right now. He will go play and then run over and kiss me on the knee and then run off and play. It's the sweetest thing ever! I've loved seeing all the new things that his grandmothers have taught him while they''ve babysat over the last few weeks. From turning on the lights, to drinking from a straw to the motions of "This Little Light of Mine", it's a highlight to come home to our sweet boy.

Day 10---Thank you Lord that I have a 10 day old baby girl to pump for. Thank you that I can pray openly to you and pour out my heart to you. Thank you that I have a sweet, loving boy to come home to play with. All of these things wouldn't be possible without you. Thank you!

Jeremiah 29:11---For I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord. Plans to prosper you and not to harm you. Plans for a hope and a future.


  1. I love it! You are doing your jobs well! We are thankful for an uneventful day and for the beautiful plans that our God has for Lila Elizabeth!
    Love you:)

  2. Thankful for a calm day. Continuing to pray for you guys.

  3. Rebecca- Also know that the makeup and contents of the milk that you are producing right now is different than the milk of a mother of a full term baby. There is more protein in it and more of the things your sweet little Lila needs. God is truly amazing! He is such an amazing Creator!
    I will continue to pray for Lila- that God would grow her well and finish the work He started inside you. I pray for you- that God continues to give you strength. You have blessed me more than you know! I pray for Scott- that God would carry him through as he carries your family through this time. I pray for Griffen- that he would shower his parents with the love that only a child can give and that God would raise him up to be a strong leader and big brother to Lila.
    As a mother, with a little one growing inside, and a mother who lost a baby born too early, I stand with you and I pray for Lila Elizabeth. I kneel humbly before our God and I thank Him for Lila's life and the beautiful little girl He has created.
    Thank you for sharing your story. You inspire me.